SupplyMedium uses your total monthly transaction volume to determine a standard transaction fee. This is defined as the total financial value of your transactions over the SupplyMedium Network. The formula is:

Value of Invoice Received + Value of Non-PO-Based Invoices = Monthly Network Transaction Volume

Transactional Volume Charges are 0.1% + 20 cents + Transaction charges (2.9% + 30 cents) of Paypal.
Total Transaction Charges will be 3% + 50 cents. No any additional hidden charges.

Disk Volume

Unlimited Disk Space Usage at free of cost. No any additional hidden charges.

Additional Users:

Unlimited User under company account at free of cost. No any additional hidden charges.

How this Pricing Model Benefits You

If you’re like most suppliers on the network, you start with a Standard transaction fee. Before you pay anything, you can experience such benefits as…

  • faster sales cycles
  • higher revenue
  • lower cost of sales
  • more on-time payments

You don’t get locked into participation by paying a large start-up fee or prepayments for documents transacted. Not with SupplyMedium. And there are no hidden fees.