Content and Document Management

SupplyMedium document management system provides your company a better way for secure file sharing online and within your work environment.

Move your business-critical information into a secure digital environment and store all documents in a central place for easy access. Categorization capabilities allow you to meaningfully organize documents, with indexing that makes documents easy to find and distribute.

SupplyMedium creates an intranet portal to centralize and access business information and applications in the cloud and helps manage data, applications and information more easily. Content and Document Management Solutions along with Collaboration Tools enhance communications amongst the employees within the firm and with external clients. It provides benefit of a role base access to a central location for storing and collaborating on documents, which can significantly reduce duplicated work in an organization. Using these Collaboration Tools, companies can enhance and streamline their communications and process flows to effectively manage operations.

Document Management in the Cloud

  • Simplicity meets accessibility
  • Enjoy connecting with Mac, PC, smartphones, and tablets
  • Successfully access your files on the go
  • Peace of mind that you can approve documents at anytime
  • Don’t dream about going paperless, make it a reality
Benefits of SupplyMedium
  • Keep Documents Organized
  • Share Files Quickly and Easily
  • Manage File Access
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Save Time and Money
  • Backup Included
  • No Internal IT Staff Required