Order And Transaction Management

Billions of dollars are spend by companies to create automate their procurement processes. On the other hand most businesses and individuals continue to handle paper because technological progress has been limited, until recently, to better printers, fax machines, scanners and email services.

SupplyMedium platform provides a Business transaction management solution that provide companies and businesses with a far better way to conduct business. It’s a secure cloud-based solution designed to keep business transactions 100% digital. SupplyMedium supports faster, easier and more secure processes through superior transaction management facilities.

Some benefits of Supply Medium’s business transaction management solution include:

  • Immediate financial gains – See financial benefits in weeks rather than months or years by reducing the transaction times
  • Transforms the customer experience – Delight customers with fast transactions and instant progress

SupplyMedium also supports any trading partner using the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards; converting business documents such as purchase orders and invoices into an EDI-compliant format.

SupplyMedium enables you to generate RFQ, Quotes, POs and invoices online and can are electrically delivered for approval. Upon approval, POs can be electronically invoiced from suppliers directly from SupplyMedium for an efficient paperless process.

Key Features

  • Generate Request for quote
  • Generate Quote
  • Generate Purchase Order
  • Generate Invoice
  • EDI compatible